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85 mb of pure, unadulterated Onishi greatness
onishi greatness at it's best
This cut never gets stale no matter how many times I look at it. It's breathtaking.
1,000! Yes, this really deserves it, holy shit. Onishi is truly an amazing animator that needs more franchises to work on. Best anime fight of all time, in my opinion.
Such awesome animation and some very nice choreography too!
I doubt such a great and long piece of animation would have been possible for Onishi to do with Yamamuro’s designs.
The higher the quality, the higher my pp will rise :p
Simply extraordinary cut from Onishi.

Dragon Ball Super, for all its faults, led to this level of visually quality for the franchise and I will be grateful for it.
My one problem with the cut is that the bits from the original trailer have a different color pallate than the other cuts. Other than that it's flawless.
I actually don't hate the coloring.
Peak Dragon Ball Sakuga. Onishi is a legit madman
This sequence is 4 minutes long, and it just never stops moving. We don't deserve Ryo Onishi.
Every single cut is godlike.
Shintani designs & Onishi animation are a match made in heaven.
This cut alone beats entire series.
When I first witnessed Onishi's cut, I just went "Holyyyyyy Shit". What a madlad that he is! Soooooo gooood! It just never stops moving at it's entirety and the smears (>人<)
We need to get this cut a higher score than Yutaka Nakamura's cut in MHA 2x10
1:09 2:20

I love the homages to the crater Broly made from his first movie
what a great scene !!, Ryo Onishi did something amazing the designs are consistent and fluid that's awesome !!!