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one of these two uploads you made is early Shinichi Kurita, I'd been meaning to check this episode for a while.
Isn't there a bit of shida in there
oppai_boi said:
Isn't there a bit of shida in there
The cut you are probably talking about was confirmed to be Tu
mmm lo dudo pero en caso de que sea tu , es de los pocos que pueden igualar a shida
Inazuma Eleven looks great.

At this episode, Seiko Asai is animation director. Taichiro Ohara, Satoshi Sakai and Tetsuya Wakano are credited at KA. Really a insane staff. I'm not confident in presuming anyone in these cuts.
Naokatsu Tsuda, Director of JoJo Parts 1-4 said:

"Here we are, this episode includes a famous scene. Everyone loves it, the famous cherry-licking one, of course. It was the animation director, Fumiaki Kouta, who had directly taken care of the key frames."
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According to sakugawiki: 遊撃艇内部の背動
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This brings back damn'ass memories
The nostalgia is hard in this one ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ