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That clash was so impactful. All the punches are fantastic. God I love Hayashi.
My favorite cut from this movie. 0:18; 0:26 is so good !! Hayashi is crazy
The movie was packed to the brim with cut after cut of excellence (especially for Dragon Ball standards), but this man just keeps on evolving to new levels. So so so good, it was such a fortune to have had him, and to have given him such freedom in his work.
This is so not dragon ball but its so good
Man, Dragon Ball fights have never looked this expressive before.
Wasn't the end explosion credited to Takashi Hashimoto?
Hayashi's artwork is sooooo good.
Technically speaking, this production as a whole, is a landmark in the history of this franchise.
This is the first time that we have the opportunity to finally see the level of quality - animation wise - that this franchise have always deserved, especially if we consider it's relevance for the japanese (and global) pop culture
Probably my most re-watched scene from this film. Wild expressions, crazy effects, and impactful hits. Hayashi when he get's to let loose really is something special.
Such an insane difference looking at his work here compared to Resurrection F.
Hayashi made good expressions and A fluid animation, this might be my favorite cut of the movie
This is by far my absolute scene in the whole film. Hayashi's Gogeta is unbeatable.