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Wow...this animator must of had some time on his hands to do My Hero Academia and then this. And his cut for MHA was pretty long.
dont speak korean and google translation result was in bad quality. what did he say?
To roughly translate:
어비스 내가 레이아웃 했던 것 보다 잘나온 거 같은 느낌이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ==> (Final image of) MIA looks better than in the layout stage that I did.
폭발 날림으로 한거 촬영처리로 커버 돼있다... ==> Kinda ruined the explosion but it looks fine with vfx applied.
Ini for the forepart and Moaang said he did 3 cuts, since he is talking about the explosion I assume it is the last part