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Did they ehh... clean Ohira?
Yeah. It's kinda gross tbh.
al teast, maybe some people will not laugh when they hear that ohira is one of the strongest animator in realest animation ever :>
This looks amazing. but yeah, don't clean ohira; it would be even better !
Well,his work in the wind rises is kinda clean
It doesn't sit right with me that Yuasa or HIS studio goes for CLEAN look. Guess it was obvious from that digital AT ops..
Glad I'm not the only one who thought the original looked better..
Still looks good, but it loses a lot of the personality. From the looks of it, Devilman is going for this clean look too.
I think the final result looks pretty incredible so I can't really have qualms about how they got there.
Mobi said:
Well,his work in the wind rises is kinda clean
That's because he was working for Ghibli on that film. They're known for perfection in their works.