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WTF?>???? This is even more insane than UI Goku vs Jiren, Shida adding more layers to his formula. Now he takes time to slow things down enough to let the impact register for the viewer
Holy shit, this is better than everything he did on Super.
The smoke from the explosion at 0:21 looks more like Kitano than Shida
It's still Shida, it's just tiny and blurred to shit. Zoom in and you can make out the familiar Shida folds and shapes.
I like his timing here far more than a lot of his other work.
a little less formulaic and predictable than his usual output.
I know that this is kinda sacrilege, but this might be my favorite cut that Shida's done in Dragon Ball, period. It might just be that I like current Shida FAR more than older Shida, but god damn if this doesn't make me grin ear to ear every time I watch it.
Goddamn... Didn't think we'd see some of Shida's best work on a glorified toy/card commercial like Super Dragon Ball Heroes...

What a weird time we're living in.
You tell Shida to take a break he says "what? Whats a 'break' I've never heard the term"
NaotoshiShida is so amazing both its style and its animation that very fluid