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Hayashi you are insane !!!!
At, 0:21 i almast thought that it was Yutapon for a small sec, because of that water liquid movement and the camera angle. His work was already insane before, but he just did my favorite cut from him and Top 3 cut from the second season of Mob .

I need to take a break, to calm down holy hell.
deadass thought this was yutaka nakamura for a sec.
Couldn't ask for anything more from this Mob season. Just perfection.
Hayashi is slowly becoming one of my favorites
The cut at 0:14 of Mob standing in the water is so great! It feels like Haysahi has definitely leveled up in the last year, or he's being allocated more time to polish some of his big scenes.
very reminiscent of nakamura. good stuff
if it had a few more impact frames, i wouldn't be able to tell the difference between hayashi and yutapon