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Masunaga Keisuke begins at 0:37 in.
0:39 to 0:45 is Masunaga. The rest is Yam confirmed via genga.
Does Yamamuro's key animation feel insanely slow to anyone else? I hate complaining about the guy since I appreciate his movie designs and he gets enough hate already, but they've never really stood out as amazing to me. Guess it's just a matter of preference.
Of course he is slow since the character designs are so packed with detail,from what I've seen from Yamamuro's old work he tended to stick to fluidity and clever camera work unlike shimanuki and hisada who usually skipped frames.
0:26 to 0:38 don't really seem like Yam's KA.
I agree the 0:37 to end can't be his only part to me. Is there any genga which can approve or disprove what I say?