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He always leaves you wanting more.
0:08 really reminds me of a cut from Kekkai Sensen ep 1.
nakamura affect is really strong
Nakamura seriously has a god living within in his hands
Dimming should be a federal crime.
It's dimmed to avoid having their audience get seizures.
0:38 Lol this run is so goofy to me.
i hope he did more sence's in the upcoming episodes
Tell me he'll do more animation for this show...or is this it.
hmmhmmhmmhmhmmm nakamura timing is always nice. Sooo much build-up to compliment the climax of the scene.
I love how the characters he animated always look relaxed even in intense situations just like hei vs mina in dtb
I believe hashimoto has hinted they will cooperate in the coming episodes (dont know which).