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HachiKirra said:
First part reminds me of http://sakuga.yshi.org/post/show/4337/ and http://sakuga.yshi.org/post/show/4338/

Should be the same animator.
Ro$a said:
Do CGI/3D composited backgrounds count as "amazing animation"?
If they amaze someone, they technically do. Opinions, opinions.
We'd have to delete most of the site if only cuts with 2D background animation counted.
I think 3D Backgrounds are one of the best advancements of this decade. They allow the animator to completely concentrate on the characters. If pulled off good (not SAO2-Style) they can really enhance a shot.
Agreed. 3D backgrounds are an incredible tool. And something this industry needed both for the sake of its animators health, and the freedom they have to go further.