An Introduction to awesome animation aka 'sakuga'
Sakuga written as '作画' in Japanese has a literal meaning of 'working drawing' but generally is used to mean just 'animation'. However in regards this website (and the fans who visit it) it takes on a slightly different meaning where it refers to exceptionally animated scenes, 'good sakuga', usually through the work of a talented animator.

(Bit of a pedantic note but Japanese fans tend to use an adjective whenever they talk about 'sakuga' - so it's treated simply how the word 'animation' is treated in the English language.)

Such scenes are a result of the unique nature of the Japanese production line. You can read some excellent articles on the matter below. I've also included general links and resources on 'Sakuga' that are on the internet.

Sakuga 101:
The animation process:
IRC Channel:
  • #sakuga [English]
I think the sakuga panel is a good start for someone who wants to know how people go about talking and identifying animators. It gives a rough overview of various styles of animation (through their representative animators) and how they evolved in time. This is the first part, you can go to the others by clicking on the anotation at the end of each part.

They're still uploading it, so it's not complete yet but at least they'll cover some of the most popular animators.
Thank you for all the wonderful gifs, complete with credits letting you know who animated each beautiful shot. This is one of my favorite places on the internet.

>More to come soon...
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>More to come soon...
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